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Katy Dorr: Kids Pastor

Kaycee Wells: Childcare Coordinator

Kids Ministry Team

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Pam Adams

Lyn Tomlinson

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Kids birth-kindergarten will love Sundays in First Kids! After checking into our secure check-in system, kids will dive into a morning of dynamic biblical learning facilitated by a gifted team of background-checked preschool volunteers. You can expect your child to walk away from a Sunday at First having experienced exciting large group worship, foundational Bible lessons, and age appropriate application activities. Above all, we hope Sunday mornings provide a firm foundation for you as a parent to engage in your child’s spiritual development, giving you the resources needed to act as the primary disciple in their lives.


Wednesday Nights consist of age-appropriate games, songs, and activities aimed at facilitating scripture memorization. Understanding that most kids spend the day at preschool or inside the home, our volunteers strive to keep Wednesday evenings as high-energy as possible. This creates an environment where kids can learn, while also giving them an outlet to play and have fun. Each week, lessons are centered on a specific scripture and the memorization of it. It is our hope that parents are drawn into taking an active role in helping their children commit God’s word to memory and hiding it in their hearts forever.


Sunday mornings for kids 1st-5th grade are a time of exploration. We encourage kids to take the foundational truths they learn in preschool and EXPLORE how all of Scripture points back to Jesus. Our team of volunteers works hard to highlight life-application so kids can begin to claim faith for themselves and make it their own. Throughout the morning, kids will experience Bible teaching, exciting large group worship, thought-provoking small group discussion, and hands-on application. Our goal is to give kids foundational instruction and training in Elementary school so they enter junior high as already passionate disciples of Jesus Christ.


Kids kindergarten-5th participate in AWANA on Wednesday nights. AWANA is a discipleship program in which kids earn points by working their way through different levels of Scripture memorization. To learn more about AWANA, click here. Each week, kids rotate through large group teaching time, game time, and Scripture memory time in the classroom. Our hope is that, through this focused effort on Scripture memorization, kids become familiar with navigating the Bible and it sparks a passion in them for the Word of God.




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