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about Life groups at fbg

Here's one thing we know: life is better together. We all struggle and strive to be the best we can be, but none of us can do it alone. Jesus has created His Church for us to be able to dwell together, learn together, explore together, argue together, forgive together, eat together, serve together, and do life together. This all happens at FBG through our life groups ministry. If community is what you're looking for, we'd love to help you get connected.

Tell us more about what you are looking for in a life group community and we will put you in touch with a leader. 

Sunday Life Group/Bible Study Options

8:30a- The Early Disciples: Led by Roger Stevens in Chapel.  This is a traditional study for ages 61-89.


9:30a- Reachers: Led by Joel Franks in Van Zandt Room #4.  This is a bible study for adults, married and single.  A great place if you are a new Christian. (most ages 50+ but all are welcome)


9:30a- The Journey: Led by Gary and Becky Wheatley in Van Zandt Room #3. This study is a journey through the Bible using the Master Work Series.  For co-ed ages 50+

9:30a- Impact: Led by Jeff Scott in the Fellowship Hall.  This is a group that encourages one another and learns Bible truths along the way.  Adults of all ages are welcome. Meets in Fellowship Hall.

9:30a- 20's & 30's: Led by Tom Perigrino, this class is for those in their 20s and 30s to connect and learn about how to live in this stage of life walking alongside God. Meets in Van Zandt Room #9.

9:30a - Common Ground: Led by Larry and Christi Adams, this class is for all ages & stages as we share and explore the common ground we all have in Christ. Meets in Van Zandt Room #11

10:50a- Joshua: Led by Bill & Gale Sudberry in Chapel Rm #4.  This study meets with the goal of applying Bible truths to everyday living.  This is a senior adult study.

10:50a- Serving Years men: Led by Jerry East in Van Zandt Rm #1.  This is a study that looks to the Bible to guide how we live.  Uses Bible Studies For Life Curriculum.  This is a men's class for ages 60+

10:50a- Serving Years women: Led by Carolyn Eldredge in Van Zandt Rm #2.  This is a Bible Study and fellowship that strives to do for others in the name of Jesus.  This is a women's class for ages 60+

10:50a- Barnabas Class: Led by John Price and David Andrews in Van Zandt Rm 9. This is a study that seeks to encourage others through bible study, prayer, and fellowship just as Barnabas did.  Adults 50+

10:50a- Chapel Class: Led by Andy McGrady in the Chapel. This is a senior Bible Study and Fellowship.

10:50a- Naomi's Joy: Led by Judith Beard & Lin Kindred in the Chapel room 3.  This is a dynamic Bible Study and fellowship for senior women.

Weekly Studies

Mon 6:30p - Men's Group led by Don Ingram in the Fellowship Hall.  This is a men's Bible Study.

Wed 6:30p-There are three options for adults on Wednesday nights:

- How to Witness to Other Religions led by Ronnie Beams

- Patriarchs: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly (Genesis Study) led by Kent Mun 

- How to Read the Bible by Pastor Mike Corb
- Fortify Parenting Group: "14 Gospel Principles for Parenting" by Paul David Tripp Book Study
(September 6th-November 1st)


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