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We believe all of life is about relationships. At FBG, plugging into a small group is the best way to find your place in the community and grow your relationship with Jesus and with your brothers and sisters in the family.


Busy schedule? No worries, we have a variety of different small groups that meet at many different times throughout the week. Looking for a specific demographic to gather with? We've got you. There are men's groups, women's groups, couples' groups, young adult groups, senior adult groups, and everything in between. Find your people below.

Stevens Sunday | 8:30a
Led by Roger Stevens and affectionately known as the "Early Disciples," this small group is primarily senior adults who meet in our chapel. This lecture-style small group that uses traditional LifeWay curriculum meet at 8:30AM in the chapel.
Sherman Sunday | 9:30a
One of our most generationally diverse small groups, "Impact" is led by Mike Sherman. This small group enjoys more of a laid back kind of atmosphere and uses RightNow Media videos to spark discussion among the group.
Wheatley Sunday | 9:30a
Led by Gary and Becky Wheatley, "Journey" is a small group for people of all ages. This group uses LifeWay curriculum to create applicable discussion for everyday life.
Franks Sunday | 9:30a
Also known as "Reachers," this group led by Joel Franks is passionate about exploring faith together through candid discussion.
McGrady Sunday | 10:50a
Also known as the "Chapel Class," this small group meets in, you guessed it, the chapel at 10:45. Utilizing LifeWay curriculum, this small group uses a lecture-style format to help people grow deeper in their biblical understanding.
eldredge sunday | 10:50a
Led by Bill Eldredge, "Joshua" is a small group of senior adult men who use the LifeWay curriculum to go deeper in God's Word together.
Stevens Sunday | 10:50a
Led by Sharon Stevens, "Naomi's Joy" is a small group comprised of senior adult women who employ the LifeWay curriculum to go deeper in God's Word together.
Price Sunday | 10:50a
Co-led by John Price and David Andrews, "Barnabas" is a group for all ages. Utilizing LifeWay curriculum, this small group employs a mix between lecture and discussion.
East/Eldredge Sun. | 10:50a
"Serving Years" is co-led by Jerry East and Carolyn Eldredge. This is two small groups in one as after a short time of fellowship, the men and women split into their own groups for a lesson and discussion out of the LifeWay curriculum.
Women's Wednesday | RETURNS JAN 139:30a
This Wednesday morning small group led by Chris Stevens is for women of all ages. This group enjoys going through different studies from prominent Bible teachers.
Pastor's Class Wednesday | 6:45p
This Wednesday evening group, led by Pastor Mike Corb, is for people of all ages and enjoys using a variety of curriculum to grow in faith together.
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off campus groups
Raupe Sunday | RETURNS JAN 13 5:00p
This family-oriented group meets at the Clark residence, is led by Craig Raupe, and uses RightNow Media to create fruitful discussion.
Dorr Group | RETURNS JAN 13 Thursdays 6:00p
This young adults group meets at the Dorr Residence, and uses RightNow Media to create fruitful discussion.
Alexander Monday | 6:30p
This men's group meets at the Alexander residence, is led by Adrian Alexander, and uses RightNow Media to create discussion about issues that men face in their everyday lives.
Louvin Thursday | 6:45p
This women's group meets at the Louvin's residence, is led by Darla Louvin, and uses RightNow Media to create discussion about issues that women face in their everyday lives.
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to prevent the potential spread of covid-19, many small groups are not meeting. contact church office for details



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