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Review (Weeks 1-3) ADAM, NOAH, ABRAHAM

God’s COVENANT promise is SEED and SOIL


JOSEPH is NOT about JOSEPH (Genesis 37:1-2, 45:7-8a)

God sent me here to PRESERVE and DELIVER a REMNANT


GOD SPEAKS: 3 Pair of Dreams

1st Pair: (Genesis 37:3-11)

His brothers’ reaction: 

DESPISEKILL, Take his COAT, Kick him OUT


2nd Pair: (Genesis 40: 1-23)

The cupbearer and the Baker; GOOD NEWSBAD NEWS

Their reaction: 

FORGET about him


3rd Pair: (Genesis 41:1-57)

Pharaoh – FEAST and FAMINE

Pharoah’s reaction:  HOUSELANDROBE, NAME


Joseph’s Understanding: (Genesis 41:50-45:11)

2 Sons:

Manasseh: “God has made me forget”

Ephraim: “God’s made me fruitful in the land of my suffering”

Who is the Remnant Joseph was to preserve? 


Scripture Reading:

Genesis 37-50  & Exodus 1

Light Version: Genesis 46-47