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We know students need a place to belong, a place to encounter new ideas, and space to wrestle with what it means to follow God in their own personal lives. Everything we offer is designed to help junior high and high schoolers begin to take ownership of their faith.

At our events students will play crazy games, worship through music, participate in small groups with other students and hear messages from our student pastor. We desire to see students embracing faith in their own life and we see it as our goal to guide them on this journey. The teenage years are a critical time and students face more today than ever before. Cultural pressures are pushing and pulling them in a million different directions. At First Students, we strive to create experiences where students can learn and grow as followers of Jesus Christ.


Here’s the bottom line: we are passionate about showing students they have a Heavenly Father who longs to know them & experience life with them in a personal way.

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Student Life Groups

Student Life Groups are a GREAT way to CONNECT and meet NEW people here at First Students! SLG's meet Sunday Mornings at 9:40 AM. Come meet us in the Big House Upstairs for fresh donuts & kolache's!  We start off as a Big Group for Announcements and Prayer Request and quickly transition to age and gender appropraite Life Groups! We have some AMAZING students and Life Group Leaders who will welcome
and encourage you!


UNITE is our 'weekly' Wednesday Night Worship! UNITE is where 6th-12th grade students UNITE to worship the Lord Jesus Christ and grow closer to Him. UNITE starts in the gym at 6:30 PM for a time of hanging, hoops, 9-Square, and fellowship! At 6:50 we transition upstairs to the Upper Room for a quick group mixer, an intentional time of worship & apply God's truths from
God's Word! 

We HOPE to UNITE with you and your friends sometime soon!! 

FIRST Events
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meet the team

Student Pastor: Brock Gee

Student Ministry Team

Adrian Alexander   Adam Ball
Jill Ball 
                  Chris Collins

Jacklyn Capt           Zach Crawford

Misty Cornelius      James Pethtel       Tammy Crawford   Craig Raupe

Cortney Gee            Dustin Swanberg
Hillary Raupe                      

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